July Club Meeting: Five Minutes of Fame

Upcoming July 19, 2012 7 PM Club Meeting Topic at Banana Factory

Everybody in this club has something to share. I’m sure of it. It could be
a favorite photograph, a technique you’ve been working on, a piece of
gear you just love, a favorite photographic destination, or … whatever!

This is your chance to share your passion with the rest of Lehigh Valley
Photography Club in a very casual, relaxed atmosphere. And who
knows, it may lead to you wanting to do a longer presentation in the
future… or not. But that’s okay.

At the July 19, 2012 meeting we are giving every member who wants
it, their five minutes of fame. You will be given five minutes, no longer,
to talk about your topic of choice. There is no restriction other than to
keep it clean and keep it photography-related.

There is no need to notify us in advance. Just show up, bring
your “show-and-tell” and be ready to take the floor. We’ll draw numbers
from a hat for presentation order and each person will be given a
maximum of five minutes to present. There will be an opportunity for
questions from the audience as well.

Just to provide an example or two of topics, Ed Vatza will take five
minutes to talk about and show some of his favorite papers for inkjet
printing. Buddy Eleazer will take five minutes to talk about translating a recent “busy” zebra photograph to a simplified work of art using a mix of Topaz and Fractalius.

Reminder on July Photo Shoots for the Club

Norristown Farm Park


2500 Upper Farm Road Norristown, PA 19403 

Sat Jul 14th, 10:00 a.m.

Rhonda will not be going on this photo shoot as I will be visiting my daughter.  Anyone
who is interested in this photo shoot should meet in the parking lot.

Martin Guitar Tour I


Limited to 5 members (This event already has five members signed up).

You must register to attend.

510 Sycamore Street Nazareth, PA 18064

Mon Jul 16th, 10:00 a.m.

Members who signed up should receive an email from Joan before the photo shoot.

Lehigh Valley Sportsfest


Different Venues

Around Lehigh Valley

July 19-22nd
This event is held every year.  We do not meet for this event as there are many different venues.
If you are interested in going to a specific venue, you can always post a request to see if any other members are going.