Donations Request: Lehigh Valley Zoo’s ZOOrific Silent Auction

Last year about a half dozen club members donated works to this worthy cause.  While many donated images of wildlife and/or photos taken at the LV Zoo, Alan wants to remind folks that the images DO NOT HAVE TO BE OF ANIMALS OR THE ZOO.  Any great images are appreciated.  It is recommended that images be either framed or matted and in a clear bag so they will not be damaged.

Lehigh Valley Zoo’s ZOOrific Silent Auction is two months away! Auction items last year came from throughout the Lehigh Valley, from Virginia and even from South Africa! If you are interested in being a part of this year’s auction, please message me on Facebook or email me at

Rhonda, our activities chair, has suggested that anyone who is interested in donating a framed picture for a good cause, please bring it to our next meeting and she will gladly make sure the pictures arrive at the Lehigh Valley Zoo.

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