LVPC Picnic @ Monocacy Park

Our annual LVPC Picnic is scheduled for Sunday, August 17th at Monocacy Park on Illick’s Mill Rd., Bethlehem, PA. We would like to begin eating around 1:00 p.m. Please sign up on LVPC website when you decide what you will bring for the potluck. Please remember that the club always pays for the meat and drinks. We also do not need any paper goods, utensils, or condiments as Tom Snyder has graciously offered to provide them again this year.

Club hiatus and prorated memberships for new members

Please note we will not be having regular club meetings in July and August.  Our next regular meeting will be on September 18th.  We will have our club picnic in August.  More details to come on that.

If you are looking at joining the club, you can now pay a prorated amount (half the yearly rate).  This means $15 for a regular membership, $10 for seniors and students, and $22.50 for families.  If you were on the fence about joining, doesn’t that sound like a good deal to try it out?

June Meeting: Elections and Club Competition

Our next club meeting will be held on June 19th at 7pm at the Banana Factory.  We will be having our annual club photo competition, which will also serve as the selection of works for our club exhibition in the fall.  We will also be holding elections for club officers.

Club Competition/Exhibition Selection

The competition will also serve as the basis for selecting works for the Club Exhibition at the Rotunda Gallery in Bethlehem in September.  There is no theme for the competition/exhibition.

  • You may submit 2 photo samples to be considered.
  • Photos do not have to matted or framed.
  • Minimum size to be viewed 8×10.
  • Sorry, no nudes.
  • Forms will be available to fill out at the meeting.

For the exhibition:

  • Minimum size, 11×14 Framed. (You can have a smaller photo matted to an 11×14, or have a 11×14 canvas, unframed)
  • Maximum size 24×30 Framed. (smaller photo matted to 24×30, or 24×30 canvas unframed)

More details to follow.

Club Officer Elections

The June meeting will also be our club officer elections.  Please consider helping the club as an executive board member or committee member.  The following are the executive board positions and committee positions that club members can serve in:

Executive Board Positions:

Vice President
Program/Education Chairperson
Internet/Technologies Chairperson
Event Coordinator
Gallery/Competition Chairperson

You can read more about the positions here:  Executive Board Positions



If you haven’t read it, see Buddy’s Note Regarding 2014 LVPC Officer Elections.

Old Jail Museum Photo Shoot – Saturday, June 14th

Please note time change to 9am-11am.

Saturday, June 14th 9:00-11:00 a.m.
128 W. Broadway
Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

This is a special event for paid LVPC members only.  It is important that you sign up for this photo shoot beforehand, so we know how many people wish to attend! The cost will be $20 per member.  Any additional costs will be paid for by the club.

You may use a tripod/monopod, flash and any equipment you deem necessary.  Setup and take down of equipment is part of the 2 hours.  We must be finished before the jail opens to the public. Entrance to the cell with the mysterious handprint on the wall is not permitted. Photos may be taken any place in the Old Jail Museum with the exception of the handprint-on-the-wall. No photographs of the handprint are permitted in order to continue to preserve the handprint.  The only restriction other than the handprint is you may not go in the half of the dungeon where the furnace is located.

Photos taken may be posted on your web site, but may not be used for financial ventures such as a book, TV show or movie without further compensation to The Old Jail Museum and signed permission. Our photo/location release must be signed before the shooting date.

A Note Regarding 2014 LVPC Officer Election

An open letter to the membership of the Lehigh Valley Photography Club from Club President Buddy Eleazer

According to the By-laws of the Club, we are supposed to elect new officers at our May meeting of the club.  As you may recall, by majority membership vote, we modified the Fiscal year of the club from June to June to a 1 January annual start date, but we chose to keep the election schedule unchanged.

The Executive Board of the Club is recommending that we postpone the annual election to our June meeting.  There are several reasons for this; including that a high percentage of Board members will be absent at our May meeting due to miscellaneous other commitments.  This change will have little if any effect on the day to day running of the club.  Currently:

  • The June meeting will be our annual internal Club photo competition.  This meeting always presents some free time during judging when we can discuss candidates and vote.
  • In July, the Club is always in hiatus and in August, the Club meeting is our annual picnic.  The election will not change these.
  • Regarding field shoots, upcoming gallery events at the Bethlehem City Hall (September) and at the Allentown Art Museum (November), neither of these will suffer adversely by the delays.

If you have an objection to the plan, please reply to this email.  In addition, if you would like to note a concern to the broader membership, we will allow comments at on May meeting on May 15th.

Now that I have noted the Executive Board recommendation, I’d like to give a few personal comments on the Board and on Club involvement:

I have enjoyed the pleasure of serving as President the last two terms.  I’ve enjoyed every minuted of it; however I see areas we can improve.

  • Over the past few years, the culture has changed regarding involvement in the Executive Board and Committees which aid the Board and the Club.  In the earlier years of the Club, the Monthy Program schedule was set by a committee, the Outside Events and Shoots were planned by a committee and gallery events/competitions were handled by a committee.  In the last 3 or 4 years:
    • Ed Vatza has been tasked with solely putting together programs.  Ed could not have done a better job. We’ve had excellent speakers, but it’s challenging for a single person to have all of the contacts and/or ideas to keep a fresh program line-up.  This role should be supported by a small committee.  Please consider being a nominee to lead and/or to serve on committee.
    • Rhonda Pagano has largely worked alone in scheduling our Outside Events and Field Shoots.  She has been creative and hardworking, producing many unique photo opportunities.  As the sole lead, there is pressure to actually attend every event and this is an unfair request.  Additionally, there is a lot going on in the Region and additional eyes and ears can help make sure we consider all options.  I feel this role should also be supported by a committee.  Please consider being a nominee to lead and/or to serve on committee.
    • Janet Dean has led our Gallery and Competition activity for the last year.  Janet did receive help in coordination of our Gallery show at the Sigal Museum in Easton in 2013 and also received help in selecting our nominations for the Club entered Glennie Wildlife Salon.  That said, these committees were rapidly formed for the specific event and then disbanded.  We need a team in place.  Gallery events require selection, sometimes judging, grouping of images for flow when hung, help in hanging, help in planning the reception, etc.  Please consider being a nominee to lead and/or to serve on committee.
    • You may feel you are unqualified for the above positions or you may feel the task is too much to take on.  Again, that’s why a committee approach is needed – It takes a village!  In addition, the existing leaders are not going to throw anyone into the deep water before they are ready.
      • For programs, we have been developing a certain flow of when we need inside speakers and when we need outside speakers.  We’ve also set an annual schedule for the Club photo competition meeting (June) and the annual picnic (August). This equivalent to a magazine’s ‘editorial calendar’ makes the task easier.  In addition, we have put together a tentative list of potential speakers which will make the job a bit easier for an incumbent committee and chair.
      • For Outside Events and Field Shoots – Many of these are already scheduled for the coming months.  In addition, Rhonda and our IT Chairman, Ron Shoup, have put together a data base of past shoot locations, which can also serve as future sites.
      • For the upcoming September Gallery Event at the Bethlehem City Hall, image selection will take place at our June meeting.  Folks will have all summer to frame and I’ve been assured by Janet that with support she will definitely be involved.  For our November Gallery event, we will be doing this jointly with the Hillcrest Camera Club in Phillipsburg, NJ.  Being a joint event creates a base support team.  Regarding competitions, the plan is less formed; however, the Club seems to enjoy competitions, so we do need to create a forward plan.
      • Regarding other office positions: President, Vice President, Membership, Treasurer, Secretary and Social Media/Information Technolgy:
        • We have a strong Executive Committee.  Many of these members have served multiple years in various roles.  I thank them for their service.
        • Some of the existing Executive Committee may wish to continue in the role, others may want change.  I will leave it up to those individuals as to whether to run for office again
        • I have served as President for two consecutive years.  During that time, I’ve enjoyed seeing the Club grow.  Membership is at an all-time high and financially we are in good of shape.  I believe that Precedent has it that this is as long as anyone has served before being replaced.  This is a good thing as new blood brings a fresh styles and unique ideas to the job.  I hope another member steps forward to run for the position; however I am willing to run for President one final year if no other members step forward for the position.  Please consider being a nominee and/or identifying a fellow member that would be a strong President.  This is a very important decision within our Club.

I hope everyone takes this message as it is intended.  The Club is doing great things.  We are becoming recognized regionally as the Club that helps the membership grow through workshops, speakers, field shoots and gallery events.  As I noted above diversity of ideas and membership participation in events and on committees is vital for us to stay strong and to move to an even higher level of quality.

Thank you,

Buddy Eleazer, President, Lehigh Valley Photography Club