Ryan Hulvat – June 18, 2015 Speaker

Ryan Hulvat will talk about the business and art of making a living as a photographer in this challenging market. In the 25 years Hulvat has been in business he has survived the death of film, newspapers and the use for fee model.

CH_AOWAlways adapting, Hulvat has fought hard to make a living as both an artist and commercial photographer. Each year Hulvat has, through hard work and an insatiable hunger, reinvented himself in order to continue his avocation. Case studies of Hulvat’s reinvention will be discussed along with some of the relevant and irrelevant images created.

Find out what it takes to make a living and stay hungry.


Ryan Hulvat is a versatile photographer who brings his 25 years of experience and mastery over light to every job with an unmatched enthusiasm.

The camera is always at his side and the images lining the walls of his expansive Bethlehem, Pa., studio offer a glimpse of his breadth and depth of perspective; azure aerial vistas captured while ballooning; smiling children; heroic roustabouts, a silver-haired woman with vibrantly dancing eyes. Each project whether in the studio or on location is always a unique experience working in close collaboration with his clients and resourceful team to get exceptional images appearing effortless.

RJH_2334Hulvat has studied multiple professional disciplines and learned that being prepared for anything affords real adaptation and variation whether his clients are retail producers, restaurants, hospitals or the wedding-bound. He’s worked the commercial realm, been published in regional and national magazines and served top corporate clients.

Hulvat-4058-2In addition to his commercial photography Hulvat believes in giving back to the art and community which has enriched his life. He has taught programs in partnership with the Pasela Arts Program, Career Link, ArtsQuest, Dan’s Camera City, The City of Allentown, Northampton Community College and been a guest speaker at the Google Works, Olympus Cameras and local camera clubs.

Hulvat_-115Photography is a deceptively simple medium, Hulvat says, especially in a digital age when competent pictures are a snap. “But to take a photograph that is exceptional and deep – and to be able to do that on a consistent basis – often takes a lifetime of experience,” he says. “That’s awesome because photography is more than mastery over a physical and technological medium. Great photography draws upon who we are and the life views that we hold. It is a mirror to what we love and fear, and provides opportunities to explore subjects one might be too timid to explore without the excuse of a camera.”

Hulvat-5874-2Hulvat’s many longtime clients include: Lehigh University, Crayola, Rodale Inc., RUnner’s World, New Jersey Monthly, Lehigh Valley Good Taste, Potomac Communications, Coordinated Health, PPL Utilities.


RJH_8839From Ryan: Always looking for a new perspective, I’ve flown in a helicopter, hot air balloon, hang glider, small planes, climbed lots of trees and been on too many shaky ladders to count. I’ve seen the Eastern Shore before it was all gone. Watermen, artists, politicians, people who did things, people who made things, people who are history. Europe changed everything. Art, food, love. Yet every day is new. I’ve loved in the earth. I’ve touched a goddess. I’m nothing, I only watch, and show you what I’ve seen. I’ve drunk pirate rum and faced down racists and police horses with only a camera. I’m just lucky.

Ryan Hulvat’s studio is located on Broad Street in Bethlehem, Pa., a comfortable home away from home for any clients. We are known for personalized service and careful attention to detail. Contact us for details and availability. 610.509.8332 Hulvat@mac.com


Malcolm W. Gross Memorial Rose Garden

Upcoming Photo Shoot at Allentown Rose Garden
Saturday, May 30th @ 8:00 a.m.

The buds are blooming and the baby birds are hatching. There are lots of photo opportunities there. Bring your macro, wide angle, & zoom as you might use them all. A tripod will be an asset when composing your shots.



Photo Competition and 5 Minutes of Fame – May 21, 2015

The May meeting will serve as the basis for selecting works for the Club’s Exhibition at the Moravian College Gallery in Bethlehem, PA July/August exhibition. Exact
dates of the exhibit TBA and will be posted ASAP.  Guidelines for the competition are shown at the end of this post.

In addition to judging for the upcoming competition, we are bringing back the infamous LVPC “Five Minutes of Fame.”  This is when we give any willing member five minutes in front of the group, to do whatever you want, as long as it relates to photography.  Show us some of your work, teach us a technique, demonstrate a cool piece of equipment – just do it in five minutes, because that’s all you get.  (We hope to bring back timekeeper Ed Vatza, who’s got the strictest stopwatch on the east coast.)  Sign up at the meeting – first come, first served!  Spaces are limited!  We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!


■ Entrant must be a paid members of Lehigh Valley Photography Club.
■ Entrant must have captured and created the original exposure.
■ Digital editing and manipulation are allowed; however, final product
must originate from a photographic image by you.
■ You may submit 2 photo samples to be considered.
■ Minimum print size for jurying submissions: 8×10.
■ Photos do not have to be matted or framed
■ There is no theme for the competition/exhibition. Sorry, no nudes.
■ Forms will be available to fill out at the meeting

■ Minimum size, 11×14 Framed. (You can have a smaller photo
matted to an 11×14, or have a 11×14 canvas, unframed)
■ Maximum size 24×30 Framed. (smaller photo matted to 24×30, or
24×30 canvas unframed)

*ANY QUESTIONS can be addressed to Janet Dean at
Check here and on Face Book for updates.