Anita Bower- How I Use Textures – May 18, 2017 Speaker

Join us for our May 18 club meeting and learn about the use of textures during post processing.  Our speaker, Anita Bower will show you how the use of textures can transform your images.  She will demonstrate the use of textures on floral, nature, and landscape images using Photoshop and Lightroom.   The meeting will be held at the Banana Factory at 7:00PM.  Non-members will be asked to pay $10.00 to attend LVPC meetings with featured speakers.

Here is Anita’s biography.

I live in southwest Chester County with my husband, one cat, four hens and 15 acres. I have enjoyed photography since childhood, and took it up seriously when my homeschooled son went to college.

I am interested in photographing what is around me and what moves me emotionally: flowers, rural areas, buildings, details.

I discovered textures about eight years ago and instantly fell in love with them. I like how they change an image, add depth, focus attention on certain areas, and make the image more interesting, more painterly. They add another layer of creativity to photography—the first being taking the photo, the second being processing. Plus, they are fun to use. I enjoy the adventure of figuring out which textures will work and discovering the final image.

My work has been shown and sold at various venues in Chester and Lancaster Counties.