Learn About Copyright Law – March 17, 2016 Speakers

The March meeting will take place on the 17th at 7 pm at the Banana Factory. Our topic is one that impacts every photographer, copyright law.

Lawrence Husick and Adam Garson are partners with the intellectual property law firm of Lipton, Weinberger & Husick.  Both Lawrence and Adam have decades of experience advising clients, including photographers, on copyright matters.  Rob Haitmanek will recount a recent experience involving copyright infringement.  Lawrence and Adam will use Rob’s experience to talk about the basics of copyright law, copyright infringement claims, and some common misconceptions.

Christos Karfakis – January 21, 2016 Speaker

The January meeting will take place on the 21st at 7 pm at the Banana Factory. Our speaker will be Christos Karfakis. Read on to see what this meeting has in store for you.

When Chris Karfakis was a little boy, a favorite uncle would thrust a camera in his hands and tell him to take the family pictures. That same uncle would encourage him to delve into how things function and why. Mr. Karfakis’s underlying love of photography eventually fueled a massive collection of cameras and images that have allowed him to further understand the history of an art form and the turning points in world events that are documented by photography. His fascination about how photography actually was “invented” fuels his desire to reach and inform people how photography impacts our daily lives.  Many rare and unusual cameras and images have passed through his hands over the years and he has studied them religiously to garner each speck of evolution.

Mr. Karfakis, along with some of these amazing cameras and other photographic ephemera, including daguerrotypes, tintypes, glass negatives, and other early items, will be at our next meeting on January 21, 7 PM, at the Banana Factory in Southside Bethlehem.  That DSLR you use today has quite a history behind it!  Come to our January meeting and learn more!

December 17 Meeting – Ori Steinberg – Landscape Photography

Ori is a musician, landscape and portrait photographer based in Exton, PA.

While visiting challenging locations, such as Bushkill Falls and Glen Onoko Falls in Pennsylvania, Ori has been known to hike and climb with 30 pounds of photographic gear on his back. He may explore a location for 20-30 minutes before ever taking the first shot, allowing the landscape to “direct” him. His landscape photos are realistic with minimal post processing.

Please visit www.PhotographyByOri.com to see his full collection of landscape and portrait work.


November 19 Meeting – Danielle Austen – Long Exposures in Nature

Danielle Austen is an award-winning fine art photographer specializing in intimate portraits of the environment.

Danielle received her BFA from Cornell University and worked as a graphic designer for seven years before attending the master’s program at the Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, in photojournalism.

Working for newspapers and magazines, her editorial work has been published locally, regionally and nationally, including “Life’s, The Year in Pictures.” Returning to her fine art roots, she has combined her skills and training and has participated in over three dozen national and international juried exhibits, two small group shows and two solo exhibits. She was recently selected to have solo exhibit as part of the “NJ Emerging Artist Series” at the Monmouth Museum in March 2016.

This year she was an Artist-in-Residence at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and returned for a second time to Acadia National Park this fall. She previously did other residencies at the Everglades National Park and the Vermont Studio Center where she received a full fellowship.

Danielle has won awards both in her photojournalism and fine art work.
In 2013, Danielle was a national winner of Canon’s “Project Imaginat10n”
photo competition with Director Ron Howard. Celebrity director, Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, chose her winning image to help inspire his short film, “Evermore” which premiered October 2013 in NYC.

In August 2014, she was the co-creator and curator of the“NJ350 Elements” exhibit. In celebration of New Jersey’s 350th anniversary, this unique juried photography exhibit was created to represent the environment within the environment. Images of New Jersey’s nature and wildlife created by New Jersey photographers were printed on 40”x60” satin fabric and displayed outdoors around the Duke Farms Environmental Center in Hillsborough, NJ.

“We often get lost in the beauty of the majestic vistas, but I believe it’s the elements that make up these scenics that are of the greatest value. My photography reflects a desire to capture the unexpected views of the landscape that are often missed by the casual observer. As a documentary fine artist, I am bound to seek honesty in my subjects and to communicate the spirituality of the moment.  I search for what many may see as ordinary and to discover the extraordinary.”

Austen_Streams Austen_Pinnacle Austen_Blaze HarborLight Austen_DaisyDome

September 17 Meeting Speaker Change – Buddy Eleazer Nature Photography

Due to a personal emergency, Christos Karfakis will not be able to speak at this month’s meeting.  We hope to reschedule him for sometime in the future.  Saving the day, is our Event Chair, Buddy Eleazer!  He will be giving a talk on the subject of Getting More Impact from your Nature Photography. 

Buddy Eleazer is a former president of the Lehigh Valley Photographer, but he is also an international award winning wildlife and landscape photographer with 35 years of experience.  Business has led him to travel to 22 different countries on four continents.  This experience has given him a deep appreciation for many diverse cultures and a respect for the need to preserve natural habitats in all lands.

Since retiring from the ‘corporate world’, Mr. Eleazer has dedicated his efforts to sharing his appreciation of nature and travel through photography.  Several times per year, he takes small groups to regions of southern Africa to teach his photo techniques for wildlife photography.  Mr. Eleazer’s Africa photography gives one an intimate look at wildlife and creates a sense of place he refers to as ‘timeless Africa’.

Buddy’s images have been featured by Popular Photography, National Geographic and the prestigious Epson Panorama Awards.  Regionally, Mr. Eleazer’s accomplishments include works in the permanent collection at Haverford College, 2011 ‘Best of Show’ image for the Lehigh Art Alliance Photography Exhibition, 2012 Second Place Award for the Lehigh Valley Photography Open Competition, and Gallery Showing at the Salemme Gallery.  In 2009, Mr. Eleazer won the Lehigh Valley’s “Life in the Valley” photography competition and was a finalist for this award again in 2010 and 2011.

Through example photos, Buddy will present tips for achieving more impact with your nature photography.

J56A2311-small _S7A3219-small _S7A3402-small _S7A7154-small _S7A9721-small

Following the presentation, several people asked to get a copy of my talking points.  Below is summary of points covered in the talk:

Key points from Buddy’s Presentation:

Understand the difference in constants and variables.  Use the constants, learn to anticipate using the variables

  • Constants

–      Control buttons on the camera

–      Characteristics of lens (Ex: dof of lens at given distance/f-stop)

–      Basic compositional elements

  • Sunrise/sunset
  • Rivers flow
  • Trees don’t move
  • Variables

–      Light

–      Cloud cover

–      Animal gestures

–      Camera settings: Shutter speed, aperture setting, ISO

Know your ‘base settings’ for your equipment and your subject

For Wildlife, I want:

–      Shutter Speed

  • 1/1600 sec to freeze animals
  • 1/20 sec for pan action shots to show motion

–      Aperture

  • f/5.6 or less if ‘isolating subject’
  • f/11 or greater if I want layers in focus

–      ISO

  • Specific Camera limited
  • My base setting is ISO 400

–      Canon 5D MkIII: I try to stay below ISO 3200 but will go to ISO 6400 in low light & ISO 12,800 in darkness

–      Canon 7D MkII: I try to stay below ISO 1600 but will go to ISO 3200 in very low light

Understand Compositional Elements (and when to break them)

  • Rule of thirds
  • Leading lines
  • Repetition
  • Spacing of subjects
  • Odd numbers
  • Shooting angle: Low or High Angles
  • Left to right = relaxing, right to left = tension
  • Keep it simple

–      Minimize distracting elements

Understand ‘Classic’ Wildlife Rules

  • Don’t clip the wings, feet or tail
  • Ears forward
  • Catch light in the subjects eye
  • Leave room for the subject to move into

Story Telling With Nature Photography, Remember the variety of shot options

  • Portrait

–      Head Shot

–      Full Body Shot

  • Sense of Place
  • Detail shot
  • Gesture
  • Action Shot/Pan Shots
  • Landscape and Portrait Orientation Shots
  • The only “no-no”: Don’t get caught in the habit of shooting hundreds of repetitive compositions

Additional tips for success

  • Look at the works of others:

–      Art Wolfe, Nick Brandt, Greg du Toit, Mike Nichols, Michael Poliza, Franz Lanting, Buddy Eleazer

  • Research the shooting location:

–      Sun position for time of year

–      Typical wildlife activity

  • Develop a game plan
  • Be willing to break the game plan


Ryan Hulvat – June 18, 2015 Speaker

Ryan Hulvat will talk about the business and art of making a living as a photographer in this challenging market. In the 25 years Hulvat has been in business he has survived the death of film, newspapers and the use for fee model.

CH_AOWAlways adapting, Hulvat has fought hard to make a living as both an artist and commercial photographer. Each year Hulvat has, through hard work and an insatiable hunger, reinvented himself in order to continue his avocation. Case studies of Hulvat’s reinvention will be discussed along with some of the relevant and irrelevant images created.

Find out what it takes to make a living and stay hungry.


Ryan Hulvat is a versatile photographer who brings his 25 years of experience and mastery over light to every job with an unmatched enthusiasm.

The camera is always at his side and the images lining the walls of his expansive Bethlehem, Pa., studio offer a glimpse of his breadth and depth of perspective; azure aerial vistas captured while ballooning; smiling children; heroic roustabouts, a silver-haired woman with vibrantly dancing eyes. Each project whether in the studio or on location is always a unique experience working in close collaboration with his clients and resourceful team to get exceptional images appearing effortless.

RJH_2334Hulvat has studied multiple professional disciplines and learned that being prepared for anything affords real adaptation and variation whether his clients are retail producers, restaurants, hospitals or the wedding-bound. He’s worked the commercial realm, been published in regional and national magazines and served top corporate clients.

Hulvat-4058-2In addition to his commercial photography Hulvat believes in giving back to the art and community which has enriched his life. He has taught programs in partnership with the Pasela Arts Program, Career Link, ArtsQuest, Dan’s Camera City, The City of Allentown, Northampton Community College and been a guest speaker at the Google Works, Olympus Cameras and local camera clubs.

Hulvat_-115Photography is a deceptively simple medium, Hulvat says, especially in a digital age when competent pictures are a snap. “But to take a photograph that is exceptional and deep – and to be able to do that on a consistent basis – often takes a lifetime of experience,” he says. “That’s awesome because photography is more than mastery over a physical and technological medium. Great photography draws upon who we are and the life views that we hold. It is a mirror to what we love and fear, and provides opportunities to explore subjects one might be too timid to explore without the excuse of a camera.”

Hulvat-5874-2Hulvat’s many longtime clients include: Lehigh University, Crayola, Rodale Inc., RUnner’s World, New Jersey Monthly, Lehigh Valley Good Taste, Potomac Communications, Coordinated Health, PPL Utilities.


RJH_8839From Ryan: Always looking for a new perspective, I’ve flown in a helicopter, hot air balloon, hang glider, small planes, climbed lots of trees and been on too many shaky ladders to count. I’ve seen the Eastern Shore before it was all gone. Watermen, artists, politicians, people who did things, people who made things, people who are history. Europe changed everything. Art, food, love. Yet every day is new. I’ve loved in the earth. I’ve touched a goddess. I’m nothing, I only watch, and show you what I’ve seen. I’ve drunk pirate rum and faced down racists and police horses with only a camera. I’m just lucky.

Ryan Hulvat’s studio is located on Broad Street in Bethlehem, Pa., a comfortable home away from home for any clients. We are known for personalized service and careful attention to detail. Contact us for details and availability. 610.509.8332 Hulvat@mac.com


Paul Grecian – April 16, 2015 Speaker

Our April LVPC meeting will be in the Banko Gallery on Thursday, April 16, 7:00 pm, at the Banana Factory, 25 W. Third St., Bethlehem, PA 18015.

Our speaker will be Paul Grecian, and he will discuss “Creating a Photographic Biography.”Stars for the Trees

Paul is a full time fine art photographer specializing in nature subjects on
the East Coast. His work has appeared in various magazines, books, and
calendars but mostly is offered as prints to collectors at art and fine
craft shows. He is an artist member of Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville, NJ
and has been a regular contributing writer for Professional Artist magazine.

Red Fox, Bucks County, PA

My program will be a self-reflective summary of who I am as an artist and
serves as an example of an exercise I recommend to other photographers. It
represents an important practice of self discovery enabling one to more
effectively write and speak about who they are as artists. The practice
also helps in identifying where photographers and other artists may go next
in their creative lives while remaining authentic to who they are.

Hazy Shade of Winter


Brian Hineline – March 19, 2015 Speaker

Our March LVPC meeting will be in the Banko Gallery on Thursday, March 19  7:00 pm, at the Banana Factory, 25 W. Third St., Bethlehem, PA 18015.

Members – Please note the link to an Events Committee Survey at the end of this meeting announcement.

Brian Hineline will be speaking to us about concert photography.  You can read his biography below.

Dave Matthews Band

For the past 15 years, I have photographed an average of 2-3 concerts each week at venues ranging from small clubs to arenas and festivals nationwide.

I have had no formal instruction in photography except for an Introduction to Photography course that I took at East Stroudsburg University for which I received the lowest grade in my college career.

After graduating, I worked for a small newspaper and discovered that attending concerts as a member of the press would get me in free. I bought an inexpensive 35 mm film camera and one lens and started trying to take pictures to go with my reviews.

For a long time, I took many bad photos. I knew nothing about camera settings or composition. Eventually the photos got a little better, and I became encouraged by the improvement. I enjoyed the challenge of capturing images under very restricted, and often chaotic, conditions.

The Rolling Stones in concert

Rolling Stone magazine called one day in 2002 needing to see photos I shot at a Dave Matthews Band concert in Philadelphia. Dave Matthews became sick right after the show and the tour cancelled. I was the only person who took pictures that night who could share their work with the magazine.

I got my film developed at a Wal-Mart and drove it into the Rolling Stone office in New York City. They liked a few of the shots, and I have done work for them ever since. The photo editors at Rolling Stone also contacted an international photography agency (Retna/Corbis) to recommend me. I still work with them as well.

Jay Z in concert

Since that time, I have traveled throughout the country to photograph major music festivals. MTV hosted an exhibit of my photos at its studios in New York City for nearly a year.  Recently I completed a show at the Sarah Street Grill in Stroudsburg.

Through ArtsQuest in Bethlehem, I teach concert photography classes several times a year.

Beale Street Music Festival Day One

My photos have appeared worldwide in most major entertainment magazines (Entertainment Weekly, Spin, People, etc.) as well as music magazines and major newspapers such as The New York Times, New York Post and The Wall Street Journal. I am a regular contributor to The Morning Call newspaper in Allentown.

I do not have a website; however, an online search of my name will produce samples of my work.

The Lehigh Valley Photography club Events committee would like to improve photo shoots for members of the club.  To better serve you we need your input. 
What types of photography activities do you enjoy the most?
Below is a LINK to a brief survey to find out what you like to shoot.  Your opinion is most important to us.  Please take the time and complete the survey.

Luke Wynne – February 19, 2015 Speaker

Our next LVPC meeting will be in the Banko Gallery on Thursday, February 19  7:00 pm, at the Banana Factory, 25 W. Third St., Bethlehem, PA 18015.

Members – Please note the link to an Events Committee Survey at the end of this meeting announcement.

Luke Wynne Photography_Barnaby Ruhe (2)

During the 90’s Luke Wynne was the set photographer for over 20 motion pictures in the Los Angeles Area, which certainly gave him the opportunity to get up close and personal with the celebrities.  In addition, he worked for New West Magazine where his assignments enabled him to photograph celebrities in both their homes and in his studio.

In 1999, Luke moved to Italy where he taught master classes in photography and gave seminars on portrait photography.  He also had the opportunity to hold six shows of his work throughout the Veneto region during his 12 years in Italy.

Luke Wynne Photography_Lucy Gans

In 2011, Luke returned to the U.S. and took up residence in Easton.  His work photographing artists in their own environment has been an interesting portfolio project.  This portfolio will be the subject of his show Artists in Residence to be featured at the Banana Factory from March 21 to April 24.  We’re pleased to get a sneak preview.

Luke is a graduate with honors from the New England School of Photography in Boston, MA.  Following graduation, he moved to NYC where he was fortunate to work as an assistant for editorial photographer Arman Khachaturing.  Luke later joined famed portrait photographer Frederic Ohring as studio manager and photo printer.

Luke Wynne Photography_William Gothard

Luke’s images have appeared in such publications as Cosmopolitan, New York magazine, Apartment Life, Esquire, Shape, WET, and New West.  His work was syndicated worldwide by Gamma-Liason photo agency.

You can learn more about Luke at his website: http://www.lukewynne.com/.

The Lehigh Valley Photography club Events committee would like to improve photo shoots for members of the club.  To better serve you we need your input. 
What types of photography activities do you enjoy the most?
Below is a LINK to a brief survey to find out what you like to shoot.  Your opinion is most important to us.  Please take the time and complete the survey.



Frank Smith – January 15, 2015 Speaker

Our next LVPC meeting will be in the Crayola Gallery on Thursday, January 15  7:00 pm, at the Banana Factory, 25 W. Third St., Bethlehem, PA 18015.

Frank T. Smith, photographer, will be sharing his photography as a philanthropic photojournalist and an avid traveler who has experienced many parts of the world. “For the Love of It –the Gap between Vocation and Avocation” is a unique perspective on how Frank has managed to reignite his passion for photography over the past 15+ years.

Frank has had a camera in his hand since he was 3 years old when his grandfather and mentor bought him his first replica 35mm camera. Photography was not however, Frank’s vocation and therefore he had to put the camera down for many years to focus on his business career and raising his family. Fast forward 30+ years and Frank has been capturing various landscapes, cultures and people around the globe. Frank has worked with several international nonprofit organizations capturing their work in support of their mission through his photography.


When asked what he likes to shoot, Frank’s response is –“outdoors”. This has a wide meaning and when you see Frank’s work, you will see the diversity of his portfolio. One area of strong interest has been India and he has recently had the opportunity to exhibit some of his work at the State Theatre in Easton, Pennsylvania. On Saturday mornings, Frank takes his camera to the Lehigh Parkway shooting the local landscape.

Frank leads many workshops and classes for different organizations and stays up to date on all equipment and software through reading, photography workshops, and conferences. Frank is an Olympus micro four thirds photographer using the OM-D-EM-1 as his primary work horse. Frank is a member of the Olympus Visionary Group. This is a group of uniquely talented photographers around the world. For more information on the Olympus Visionaries, visit Frank’s page at http://www.getolympus.com/us/en/visionaries/frank_smith. Frank will share his thoughts and experiences, showing the transition between his vocation and avocation, and how he has developed his vision and his skills both with the camera equipment and his post processing. You can visit Frank’s website at www.franksmithphotos.com

20130212-_2121672-Edit  _7061038-Edit-Edit-2