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2016 PSA Travel Competition Results

The results are in for the PSA Travel Competition Round #2.  We had very high scores in this round! The Club’s total score was 73 which put us in 2nd Place for Group B (out of 18 clubs competing in this round! The combined score for us for Round #1 and #2 is 134 points (61 and 73 respectively). So, we placed 3rd (out of 18). The leader is at 149 points and 2nd place is 145 points.

We are gaining momentum!! Yay, team!!

The next PSA Nature Round #3 due date is April 2Here are the nature submission guidelines.  PSA Travel Round #3 due date is May 7. Here are the travel submission guidelines.  Send us your best work!!  Take a look at the club entries for Round #2.

Don Schroder – Himba Woman and Child – Score 15 -1st place

Larry Bardawil – Morning Glow, Grand Canyon – Score 15 – Honorable Mention

Bob Becker – Pemaquid Light – Score 12

Lee Levin-Friend – Mt. Ranier Late Afternoon – Score 12


Howard Sherer – Midnight in Iceland – Score 10

Tejus Shah – Red Mill in Winter – Score 9

Here are the scores for our entries for Round #1.  As you know, the highest score is 15.  Our total for this round was 61 and we came in at 14th of 17 clubs in the competition.  Thank you to everyone who entered this round.  Travel Round #2 entries will be due by  February 5, 2017!  Please send your entries with the subject line: PSA Travel Round #2The guidelines for PSA Travel can be found here.

Church Steps, San Cristobal, Mexico– Larry Bardawil Score – 10

Church Steps, San Cristobal, Mexico

Going Home– Lee Levin-Friend – Score 9


Himba Woman, Namibia – Rob Haitmanek – Score 11

Himba woman, Namibia

Thai New Year Water Festival– Cheryl Lewis – Score  9

Thai New Year water festival

The Long Walk Home– Howard Sherer – Score 10


Village Life– Buddy Eleazer – Score 12

Village Life

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