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Come to our 2016 Spring Equestrian Shoot Led by Carl Silverstein with Cat Lopez and Katie Schroder

This workshop is now FULL, We are beginning a ‘Waiting List’ for anyone else signing up for our event.  Please feel free to join this waiting list by sending an email to This event is led by Carl Silverstein focuses on teaching youhow to photograph horses, riders on horses and models with stationary horses. In this workshop, you will learn how to work with large...
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PSA Nature Competition Round 3 Club Entries

*******************Results Update******************************************************************** Here are the club results for the PSA Nature Competition.   Our total Score for Round #3 = 70, which was 3rd place overall out of 36 clubs.  LVPC’s Final Standings for all 3 rounds was 6th Place (out of 38 clubs).  The scores for individual images are listed below.  The highest score for...
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