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By Laws 2008

Lehigh Valley Photography Club


Published January 2008



Sec. 1 – The name of this organization shall be Lehigh Valley Photography Club. Sec. 2 – The Lehigh Valley Photography Club shall be a non-profit organization.



Sec. 1 – The object of this organization shall be to improve the abilities of its members through the exchange of photographic knowledge.



Sec. 1 – This is an equal opportunity organization.

Sec. 2 – Membership is voluntary to anyone that is interested in photography and fills out an application for approval by the membership committee.

Sec. 3 – All applications for membership must be approved by the membership committee. If applicant is not approved then said applicant may appeal the committee ruling at the next meeting and said applicant approved for membership with a 2/3 vote by all members present. Said applicant if not approved may not apply for membership again for 1 year.

Sec. 4 – The membership year shall be from June 1st through May 31st.

Sec. 5 – Dues shall be established by the Executive Board with the approval of the general membership. Dues will fall into the following categories: Individual One year, Family One Year, Student and Retired. Any member must be 12 years or older to participate in competitions and 16 years or older to vote or hold office. Dues for the following season will be accepted beginning immediately following the close of the Business Meeting in May and must be paid by first regular meeting of the season.

Sec. 6 – New members must pay dues upon acceptance of membership. Dues will be prorated on a quarterly basis at the time a new member is accepted.

Sec. 7 – The Executive Board shall have the authority to increase or decrease dues

in accordance with the operating expenses of the organization.

Sec. 8 – Any member that obtains property belonging to the organization, whether through elected office or not, is responsible for its replacement if the property is lost or stolen.

Sec. 9 – Membership can be terminated by either the individual or the club at any

time. If terminated then all debts and/or property must be returned to the club or individual. Terminated member will also be terminated from the flickr site or any site ran by/for the Club.

Sec. 10 – Any terminated member may use the appeals process.



OFFICERS TERM OF OFFICE President One (1) year

Vice President One (1) year

Secretary One (1) year Treasurer One (1) year CHAIRPERSONS TERM OF OFFICE Program/Education One (1) year

Internet/Technologies One (1) year

Event Coordinator One (1) year

Sec. 1 – The officials of this organization shall take office as of June 1st. The tenure of office runs from June 1st through May 31st.

Sec. 2 – Should an elected official vacate their tenure in office for any reason, the vacated office will be temporarily filled (PRO-TEM) through progression where applicable. Nominations and election must take place as soon as possible.

Sec. 3 – Removing Officers – Officers of the Executive Board may be removed from office with a majority Executive Board vote. The said officer in turn can appeal the removal at the next meeting and have a vote by 2/3 the present membership for reinstatement or removal. If not reinstated then the ex-officer will become a regular member unless there is a 2/3 vote to terminate his/her membership. Any member can request in writing to remove an officer from the Executive Board but the above must be followed.



Sec. 1 – The regular meetings of the organization shall be twice a month unless otherwise ordered by the Executive Board. The 1st meeting being a Photo shoot and the 2nd meeting being a normal meeting with photo Displays/Judging/Awards.

Sec. 2 – The annual business meeting of the organization shall be in May. Its purpose is to elect officers and conduct any other business that may arise.

Sec. 3 – The Executive Board shall be required to hold a minimum of three (3) board meetings per year. Time, date, and location will be determined by majority vote of the Board.

Sec. 4 – Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the President with the approval of two (2) board members. The Executive Board itself may call for special meetings if three (3) board members are in agreement to hold such a meeting.

Sec. 5 – A minimum of four (4) Executive Board members must be present at any board meeting.



Sec. 1 – Special Committees are appointed by the President as needs arise, to carry out specified tasks, at completion of which shall automatically cease to exist. Special committees will not fall within the assigned functions of Standing Committees.

Sec. 2 – Standing Committees are to perform a continuing function and shall continue their duties until their successors have been chosen and installed. Sec. 3 – Special and Standing Committees shall report to the membership or the Executive Board depending on the nature of the report.



Sec. 1 – This organization shall be affiliated with the Photographic Society of America (PSA). The Treasurer shall maintain membership by paying all dues or fees. This action does not need the approval of the Executive Board.

Sec. 2 – This organization may become affiliated with other organizations active in the field of photography upon the approval of the Executive Board.



Sec. 1 – The Officers of the organization including the Program/Education, Internet/Technologies and the Event Chairpersons shall constitute the Executive Board.



Sec. 1 – The rules contained in the current edition of ROBERT’S RULES OF

ORDER NEWLY REVISED shall govern this organization in all cases to which they are applicable to these bylaws.



Sec. 1 – Any member of the organization who may find cause for dissatisfaction with its operation may appeal in writing to the Executive Board. After due consideration and investigation the Executive Boards decision shall be final.

Sec. 2 – Any application for membership which is refused by the membership committee shall be given to the Executive Board and if said applicant wants to appeal the decision then the application shall be put for a vote in front of the membership at the next meeting. A 2/3 vote is required to over-ride the membership committee.

Sec. 3 – Any appeals for termination must be put to a vote in front of the full membership with a 2/3 result.



Sec. 1 – The Bylaws may be amended by 2/3 vote of all members at the regular meeting and by electronic email, providing the prepared amendment had been read at a previous meeting and/or emailed to the clubs members.



Sec. 1 – The order of business for regular meetings shall be directed by the President.

Sec. 2 – Order of business for regular business meetings; Sec. 2a – Reading and approval of minutes (if applicable) Sec. 2b – Reports from;

1) President

2) Vice President

3) Secretary

4) Treasurer

5) Standing Committees

6) Special Committees

7) Program/Education Chairperson

8) Internet/Technologies Chairperson

9) Event Coordinator

10) PSA Representatives

Sec. 2c – Unfinished Business

Sec. 2d – New Business

Sec. 3 – The order of business for Annual Business Meetings shall be directed by the President.

Sec. 4 – Order of business for Annual Business Meetings;

1) Regular business (if applicable)

2) Report of Nominating Committee

3) Nominations from the floor

4) Closing of nominations

5) Distribution of ballots

6) Voting

7) Report of Tabulating Committee



Sec. 1 – The President: shall preside at all membership and Executive Board meetings of the organization(and other meetings as required), shall give reports of the Executive Board meetings; shall, with the approval of the Executive Board, sign all written contracts and obligations of the organization; shall appoint Chairpersons for Special Committees as required. Shall make recommendations for improving the organization or the coming year at the Annual Business Meeting. Shall be responsible for meeting location reservations for the current year and the upcoming year as required to keep the Club on a continuous meeting schedule.

Sec. 2 – The Vice President: shall perform the duties of the President during the absence of the President.

Sec. 3 – The Secretary: Shall take minutes at all business meetings (Annual and

Executive Board) shall be responsible for any correspondence pertaining to the organization; shall read the minutes of business and annual meetings; shall give minutes of Executive Board meetings when directed by the President. Provide copies to the President if requested; shall keep guests register for potential members to sign (name, address, phone number) provide ballots for the annual election.

Sec. 4 – The Treasurer: Shall be custodian of all financial records and expenditures; shall require Executive Board approval for expenditures over twenty five dollars ($25.00); shall receive dues and issue membership cards. Shall keep a current list of members names and addresses, shall be subject to an audit 2 times a year by the Executive Board. This audit shall be made available to the membership when requested. Auditing shall be standard procedure whenever the authority of office changes.

Sec. 5 – The Program/Education Chairperson: Shall arrange lectures, demonstrations or entertainment for program meetings. Also must have a committee of at least 2 additional members at ALL times.

 Sec. 6 – The Internet/Technologies Chairperson: Shall be responsible for maintaining and upgrading, as needed, the LVPC Web Site, all forums and/or other sites associated with it. Shall assist members with any website related issues and set up forums as needed by members and approved by the Executive Board. Shall be responsible for creating and maintain all E-mail accounts associated with the LVPC. Shall report to the Board on a regular basis and make the board aware when any fees for such services are due.

Sec. 7 – The Event Coordinator: Shall be responsible for all monthly Photo Shoot locations and other events for the members including Monthly Location Shoots.

Sec. 7 – The Executive Board: Shall carry on the routine business and activities of the organization in order to relieve such responsibilities from the general membership and therefore limiting the need to transmit business at the regular meetings; shall evaluate all applications for the Golden Service Award.



Sec. 1 – House Committee: Custodian of the Club’s physical property. Schedules refreshments for each meeting and is responsible to see that chairs and furniture are properly arranged for club meetings. Ensures that the meeting room is straightened and picked up after each meeting.

Sec. 2 – Membership Committee: This committee shall have the President and 2 members as the committee. They will Greet guests at Club meetings and see that they receive information about the Club and applications for membership. Keeps name tags up-to-date and obtains a list of members and guests attending each meeting. Any application that is not approved for membership must be turned over to the  Executive Board for the Appeals process.

Sec. 3 – Publicity Committee: Represents the Club to the public. Provides information to the news media about club meetings and special activities.

Sec. 4 – Awards Committee: Shall arrange for all trophies, certificates, ribbons, and other awards when applicable for the annual competition winners; shall present the Golden Service Award when applicable.



Sec. 1 – Candidates for office and Standing Committees shall be selected by a Nomination Committee. The chairperson of which shall be appointed by the President. The chairperson shall select two (2) members of the organization who are neither officers nor candidates for office. This shall constitute the Nomination Committee.

Sec. 2 – After presentation of the slate of candidates to the organization, additional nominations may be made from the floor, providing previous agreement of the nominee has been obtained.

Sec. 3 – Officers shall be elected by the majority vote of the members present at the Annual Business Meeting by the use of written ballots provided by the Secretary.

Sec. 4 – Results of the balloting shall be announced by the Nominating Committee Chairperson at the Annual Business Meeting.



Sec. 1 – A Quorum of the membership for the purpose of conducting club business shall consist of not less than one-third of the entire membership.



Sec. 1 – Elections of club officers shall be held annually. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee composed of three members not on the Executive Board. The committee will prepare a single slate of officers and obtain the agreement from the nominees to serve if elected. The chair shall present the slate at the annual meeting. Additional nominations can be made from the floor.

Sec. 2 – Vacancies in the club offices shall be filled by Presidential appointment, subject to approval of the Executive Board. Vacancy of the President’s office shall be filled by advancement of the Vice President.


Amended – These BYLAWS were amended on:


2/17/2008 – Article III – Membership – By 2/3 vote of the membership to change age of membership to “Any Member must be 12 years” from “With a Family Membership”


4/17/2008 – Article IV – Executive Board, Article VIII – The Executive Board, Article XII – Order of Business Sec. 2b – Reports from #7 and #8, Article XIII – Duties of the Executive Board Sec. 2, Sec. 5 and Sec. 6. By a 2/3 vote of the membership to take all information about the Digital/Slide/Print Chairpersons out and Add “Program/Education” and “Internet/Technologies” and their descriptions. This in NO WAY eliminates the Digital/Slide/Print Committees, just takes them off the Executive Board with an option to add them as needed at a later date.