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Christos Karfakis – January 21, 2016 Speaker

The January meeting will take place on the 21st at 7 pm at the Banana Factory. Our speaker will be Christos Karfakis. Read on to see what this meeting has in store for you.

When Chris Karfakis was a little boy, a favorite uncle would thrust a camera in his hands and tell him to take the family pictures. That same uncle would encourage him to delve into how things function and why. Mr. Karfakis’s underlying love of photography eventually fueled a massive collection of cameras and images that have allowed him to further understand the history of an art form and the turning points in world events that are documented by photography. His fascination about how photography actually was “invented” fuels his desire to reach and inform people how photography impacts our daily lives.  Many rare and unusual cameras and images have passed through his hands over the years and he has studied them religiously to garner each speck of evolution.

Mr. Karfakis, along with some of these amazing cameras and other photographic ephemera, including daguerrotypes, tintypes, glass negatives, and other early items, will be at our next meeting on January 21, 7 PM, at the Banana Factory in Southside Bethlehem.  That DSLR you use today has quite a history behind it!  Come to our January meeting and learn more!

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