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Club Picnic at Peace Valley Park – Sat Sept 14

Peace Valley Park Picnic – Saturday, September 14, 2013
Galena Village-Pavilion 2 (Near Boat Rental)
1:00 p.m. – Sunset

This year, we decided to hold the picnic on a Saturday, so that more people will be able to attend. Since August is a busy time for vacations, Sandy and I decided we should wait until September to hold the picnic, and we spent the morning checking out various places. After checking out several places, we chose the pavilion near the boat rental because we think it has something for everyone. The trail around the lake is just over six miles, and you can easily walk it in less than two hours. The pavilion is close to the water, you can rent boats or launch one of your own, there is a restroom nearby, and after a short walk there is a playground for anyone who has small children. The pavilion has 13 picnic tables and a large grill. We can also drive right up to the pavilion to drop things off instead of lugging everything. Please note the pavilion does not have electricity. As always the club will provide the meat and drinks. Please add what you are bringing to share, so we do not have a lot of duplicates.

We hope to see you there!

UPDATE: Here’s a summary of who responded that they are coming and what they are bringing as of 9/10:

Rhonda Pagano + 1 salad
Alex Telyatnikov + 1 green salad
Sue Smith probably a type of salad
Ed Vatza + 1 veggies and dip
Tarea Roach-Pritchett + 1 broccoli salad
Janet Dean spinach dip w/ crackers or bread
Jerry Fuqua + 1 + maybe dogs cucumber salad
Buddy Eleazer pasta salad
Lee Levin-Friend + 1 + dog potato salad
Carol Gilmore + 1 Pesto Tortellini
Ernest Pile Spinach-Rice Salad or Jambalaya
Tom Snyder fruit tarts, chips & pretzels
Amy Herzog + 1 punch bowl cake 
Joan Zachary maybe pie
Diadra Sylva + 1 peanut butter tandies
Jon DiFrancesco + 1 + 1 little one some sort of sweet dessert
Roz Day unknown
Amber + 1 little one unknown

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