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We compete in interclub competitions as members of the Photographic Society of America (PSA). Our members have the chance to compete against national and international clubs. We have proudly received top awards as a club and so have member for individual images!

For the 2019-2020 competition season, there will be 3 rounds for each division. Each round is DUE ON THE SAME DAY!

Nature Division:

Images must fit a narrowly-defined category of nature/ wildlife photographs that must not include any man-made objects. Nature Guidelines

Travel Division:

Images must express the characteristic features or culture of a land as they are found naturally with no geographical limitations. Travel Guidelines
- Useful guide for PSA Travel showing acceptable images. Judges Guide

Projected Image Division (PID):

 Images are accepted across a broad range of photographic subjects and can be creatively altered in post processing. PID Guidelines

Submission Process

Members submit up to 3 images for each round. Our club selection committee selects 6 images to represent the club in each round. Members can view the selected images in the Club Albums (under Members in the menu).

The process for submission requires you to:
* Prepare your images correctly - NAME and SIZE are critical.
* Upload your images to the club's Dropbox folder for the correct competition division.
* Register your participation through the event calendar. You can register for all 3 division at once or separately.

Detailed instructions will be in the Event Calendar for the Round - see under Upcoming Competitions to the right for any upcoming Rounds.
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Competitions

PSA Submission Deadlines for 2019-20

Competition Round 1 - Due November 1, 2019

Competition Round 2 - Due February 1, 2020

Competition Round 3 - Due date extended to April 7, 2020


Competition Image Gallery

     Travel       PID

Bethlehem, PA