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John Barclay- Master your Craft & Honor your Vision – November 17, 2016 Speaker

John Barclay will be the speaker on November 17, 2016.  The topic will be Master your Craft & Honor your Vision.  The meeting will be at 7:00PM in the Crayola Room at the Banana Factory.  Non-members will be asked to pay $10.00 to attend LVPC meetings with featured speakers.

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Vision is the unique way we each see the world. It is what gives our images focus and makes them unique to us. Mastering our craft allows us to fulfill our vision. In other words, as we learn techniques, feel more confident with our gear and master our craft, we will be able to create the images we’ve envisioned. In this lecture John will share his thoughts about vision and why it should be what drives your photography. He will also share ideas and concepts that will help you master your craft. Join John for this uplifting lecture that will leave you inspired to stay true to your vision, creating images that make your heart sing.

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