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PSA Nature Competition Round 2 Club Entries

*************Results Update*************

The results are in for PSA Nature Division Round #2. LVPC scored 64 points in the round for a rank of 11th out of 34 clubs!  Our total score for Round #1 and Round #2 is 127.  We are tied for 10th place in the standings of  37 Class B clubs.   So, thank you to our membership for continuing to support  our entries in the PSA competition!

Round #3 images are due to by April 3.

Bad Day to be a Field Mouse – Buddy Eleazer – 12 – Honorable Mention

Bad day to be a field mouse

Eastern Phoebe Fledglings – Lee Levin-Friend – 9

Eastern phoebe fledglings

Fancy Footwork – Buddy Eleazer – 13

Fancy footwork

Katydid Nymph in Purple Cone Flower – Karen Campbell – 9

Katydid Nymph in purple cone flower

Skimmer for Dinner – Don Schroder – 12

Skimmer for Dinner

Osprey by Moonlight – Heather Rodburg – 9

Osprey by moonlight

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