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PSA Travel Competition Round 1 Club Entries

******** Results Update *********

The results of PSA Travel Competition Round #1 have been received. Thanks to all those who have submitted work!    Overall, LVPC came in at 11th out of 19 competing clubs in the “B” section.   Our total score was 57 points with the top club at 65!  So you can see it was a very tight field.  In order to get a sense of how the photographs scored, here are the entries with the score received:

Alone in  a  Crowd – Pooja Dhar – Score 8

Alone in a Crowd at Sonnenkopf

Dog Days of Summer – Buddy Eleazer – Score 10

Dog Days in Monument Valley

Evening Portland HeadBob Becker – Score 11

Maine Fall 2015

Shanghai Motorbikes- Howard Sherer – Score 8


Passing Rain In Bryce Canyon – Russell Heller – Score 8

Passing Rain In Bryce Canyon

Water Town Vendor – Karen Campbell – Score 12

WaterTownVendor Zhujiajiao China

What can be learned from entering competitions is that subject, light, composition, and that “wow” factor all must be present in high scoring images.  For Travel competitions, a sense of place is certainly a critical feature along with “an image that expresses the characteristic features of culture of a land as they are found naturally.”

If you have any questions regarding your potential entries, please feel free to ask!  Experienced members will be more than happy to provide some feedback.

PSA Travel Competition Round #2 are due February  7 .

PSA Nature Competition Round #2 are due January 3.

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