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PSA Travel Competition Round 3 Club Entries

The results are in, and LVPC had a great showing.  The total score for Round #3 was 67 for an overall total (of all three rounds)  of 184 points!  Our standing for this round was #7 out of 17 clubs participating.  Our overall standing for all three rounds was 10th out of 19 participating clubs.  The top club came in at 207 points.

Thank you to those members for participating in PSA Club competitions and a special thank you to our club jurors for taking the time to assist in selection of the work for submission.  You can see the Travel Round 3 submissions below.

Keep shooting and keep in mind that the new season will begin again after the summer.

Lee Levin-Friend
PSA Chair for LVPC

Medieval Times – Buddy Eleazer – Score 12


Lamar Valley, Yellowstone – Larry Bardawil – Score 11

Larry Bardawil, Lamar Valley, Yellowstone

Old Woman in San Miguel de Allende Mexico – Laurinda Faye Rubin – Score 11

Laurinda Faye Rubin  old woman in San Miguel de Allende Mexico

Music Man of Morro Solar Hill, Lima Peru – Carol J. Gilmore – Score 9

Music Man of Morro Solar Hill, Lima Peru_Carol J. Gilmore

Pompeii Worker– Lee Levin-Friend – Score 12

Pompeii worker- Lee Levin-Friend

Stone Bridge – Rob Haitmanek – Score 12

Stone Bridge, Rob Haitmanek


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