Fiona Keyes – May 19, 2016 Speaker

The May meeting will take place on the 19th at 7 pm at the Banana Factory. Our speaker will be Fiona Keyes.

“The best camera is the one that’s with you”, to quote Chase Jarvis. The last few years we have seen an explosion of amazing cell phone photographs, coupled with a plethora of apps.   Where does one start?! Join me as we explore a couple of camera apps, along with processing apps and few artistic apps to add a little “pop” to your photos. In this overview, we’ll review how some of the available apps are used. Take your cell phone photos to the next level and have a little fun along the way!

Bench 11-15

Photography is seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Capturing the true essence and beauty of my subject has always intrigued me, and my love for nature continually leads me to the next micro-universe of discovery. My images represents the various colors, textures, folds and lines that I love to get lost in while admiring the world around me and have evolved into an exploration of the magnificence of detail.

CCCC - sunflower bee 10-13

Fiona  is an avid autodidact photographer and has been concentrating on digital photography for the last several years. She is a juried Master Artisan of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, an active member of the Chester County Camera Club, Upper Uwchlan Area Camera Club, Chester County Art Association, the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and a juried artist in both the prestigious Malvern Retreat House and Daylesford Abbey Shows. Many of her images have won awards and titles of recognition including the Best in Show award for the body of work submitted for the June 2012 West Chester Plein Air competition.

CCCC Blue Poppy 4-14

Blue Poppy3 CCCC 4-13



Come to our 2016 Spring Equestrian Shoot Led by Carl Silverstein with Cat Lopez and Katie Schroder

This workshop is now FULL, We are beginning a ‘Waiting List’ for anyone else signing up for our event.  Please feel free to join this waiting list by sending an email to

This event is led by Carl Silverstein focuses on teaching youhow to photograph horses, riders on horses and models with stationary horses. In this workshop, you will learn how to work with large animals.  More specifically we will focus on horses.  You will learn techniques for portraiture, capturing the movement of the horse The goal is to teach you how to get that perfect equestrian shots, including cross country, conformation shots and dressage.

In addition to this advanced equine photography, we will also give you the chance to shoot some more creative shots.  These could include anything from extreme wide angle shots of models with flowing gowns and horses to still life shots in a working stable and barn. There will be a bunch of chickens will be running around too!

About our leader: Carl Silverstein is an experienced photographer.  His roots go back to working with a darkroom in his basement as a teen.  Carl has extensive experience with aviation and underwater photography as well as his feature work with equestrian.  Currently, when Carl is not out shooting, Carl is a returning student studying at Lehigh Carbon Community College.


Date:  May 15, 2016, weather permitting

If the forecast is not favorable 4 days prior to the event, the event will be postponed and we will try to find an alternate date.

Time:  The shoot starts promptly at 11am and will last for three hours.

Location: 105 Drift Road, Palmerton, PA

Maximum Class Size:  We are limiting class size to 20 participants on a first come, first serve basis.  You must register to attend.  THE CLASS IS NOW FULL.  IF YOU SIGN UP NOW, YOU WILL BE PUT ON THE WAITING LIST.

How to sign up/register to attend: The event is open to all dues paid members of the Lehigh Valley Photography Club. Please send your request to THE CLASS IS NOW FULL.  IF YOU SIGN UP NOW, YOU WILL BE PUT ON THE WAITING LIST.


Who May Attend: All members of the Lehigh Valley Photography Club in good standing (2016 dues paid) are eligible to submit an attendance request.  YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CLUB DUES PAID FOR 2016 TO PARTICIPATE. Membership info is located at this link:

Cost:  The cost is twenty dollars ($20.00) for the session to cover cost of supplies and food/drink.  In addition, tips for the models/riders is recommended and encouraged

Recommended Photography Equipment: 

  • Recommended Lenses:
    • A lens in the 50mm to 85mm range for portraiture and still life
    • A lens in the 70mm to 200mm range for cross country/jumps
    • A wide angle lens for creative shots
    • Other Gear
      • Tripod for low light still life in the barns
      • Flash for creative shots; however, we ask that flash only be used around the animals when being supervised by your instructor

About the Models:

Our models for this shoot are willing to sign ‘model release forms’ which we will have available at the shoot.  The models would, however, like copies of your shots for promotional purposes if you are willing to share these with our models.

Cat Lopez is a New Jersey based professional model. In addition to modeling Cat has appeared in numerous TV shows. Her credits include Gotham, The Americans, The Family, Mysteries of Laura, and Law and Order SVU. She also has appeared on the big screen in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, and John Wick 2. Cat will be modeling in stunning gowns while teamed with a beautiful horse(s).


Cat Lopez

Cat Lopez

Katie Schroder has had a passion for horses since she was 4 years old. Through her 18 years of riding, Katie has developed a knack for bringing out the best in any horse she rides.  She has competed in many disciplines, such as dressage, jumpers, hunters, and eventing. Eventing is based on ancient French military exercises.

Katie Schroder

Katie Schroder

PSA Nature Competition Round 3 Club Entries

*******************Results Update********************************************************************

Here are the club results for the PSA Nature Competition.   Our total Score for Round #3 = 70, which was 3rd place overall out of 36 clubs.  LVPC’s Final Standings for all 3 rounds was 6th Place (out of 38 clubs).  The scores for individual images are listed below.  The highest score for any image is 15.

What a great showing for our club.  We are fortunate to have members with so much talent!  Congratulations LVPC.

Sacred Ibis Feeding – Buddy Eleazer – Score 12


Hunting Leopard – Larry Bardawil – Score 13 – Honorable Mention

Hunting Leopard

Gull Chasing Baby Black Skimmer - Don Schroder – Score 13 – Honorable Mention

Gull Chasing Baby Black Skimmer

Fox at Water’s Edge - Don Schroder – Score 11

fox at Water's Edge

Dinnertime in the Bush - Buddy Eleazer – Score 9

Dinnertime in the bush

Cardinal Braving the Blizzard - Lee Levin-Friend – Score 12

cardinal braving the blizzard


Learn About Copyright Law – March 17, 2016 Speakers

The March meeting will take place on the 17th at 7 pm at the Banana Factory. Our topic is one that impacts every photographer, copyright law.

Lawrence Husick and Adam Garson are partners with the intellectual property law firm of Lipton, Weinberger & Husick.  Both Lawrence and Adam have decades of experience advising clients, including photographers, on copyright matters.  Rob Haitmanek will recount a recent experience involving copyright infringement.  Lawrence and Adam will use Rob’s experience to talk about the basics of copyright law, copyright infringement claims, and some common misconceptions.

Night Photography Workshop, CANCELLED due to weather


We want to thank you for signing up for the Lehigh Valley Photography Club Night Sky Workshop.  Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel this event.  The forecast for the nights of Friday, May 7 and Saturday, May 8 is for more clouds and scattered rain.
We will examine the sky charts for moon phase and watch the weather and, hopefully in the near future we will reschedule this event, but no future date is being set at this time. We thank you for your patience, but unfortunately we hit a patch of really bad weather the past few weekends and this upcoming weekend.


weather permitting. We need a cloudless night for this event to be successful.  If the forecast is not favorable 4 days prior to the event, the event will be postponed and we will try to find an alternate date.

Time:  Sunset until everyone is tired of shooting (probably between 10 pm and mid-night)

Location: West of Allentown at the private home of Mr. Mike Lanyi, 3 Coopers Way, Kempton, PA 19529 (near I-78, exit 40 Krumsville Exit)

How to sign up: The event is open to all dues paid members of the Lehigh Valley Photography Club. Please send your request to

Cost: We will be accepting donations of $10 at the event to cover cost of supplies and food/drink.  Please bring exact change to the event.

Maximum Class Size:  We are not setting a limit, but you must register to attend so we have enough supplies.


We will cover everything you need to know about the shooting/field aspects of night sky photography, provide beginners with a strong foundation to build upon, and give already knowledgeable star photographers more information and new views to work with.

We will begin the workshop with a sunset shoot providing amazing views of the mountain and surrounding landscapes. Join us for a night of adventure, learning, and star.

During the workshop you will learn the following:

  • Learn the key points of planning for your adventure under the stars. I will provide you with the tools I use for planning my night sky shoots and the knowledge base to plan for future trips and shoots.
  • In depth knowledge of “The BIG 3”, ISO, Aperture and Exposure time and how they pertain to the broad array of night shots you may want to capture.
  • Composition: How to “see” and visualize a great composition. This is one of my favorite topics. There are so many tips & tricks that can help you achieve great composition. I will teach you everything I know about composition.
  • The 500 Rule: Selecting the optimal exposure time for different star photography scenarios.
  • Troubleshooting 101: How to set up for the perfect night shot in any conditions. This includes focusing at night, multiple exposure images, etc.
  • Using your creativity and external light sources to bring the night to life, while still capturing a natural looking and well-lit photo.
  • How to capture great shots of the Milky Way.
  • How to photograph star trails while decreasing noise or light pollution.
  • How to ‘light paint’ a foreground in night photography.
  • The ability to capture a sharp foreground as well as the Milky Way or stars in the background.
  • Using multiple exposures, settings, and advanced tools to improve the level of your star photography.
  • Weather permitting, you will leave this workshop with an in depth understanding of all aspects of night sky, Milky Way and star photography along with some great photos.

What to Bring:

A dSLR camera or mirrorless camera, any will do, but keep in mind star photography is one of the few fields where a better camera really does help to produce better results. A full frame sensor will really help you to capture the best of the stars, but is not required.

  • A wide angle lens gives best results. Any lens will work depending on your camera, however wide angle allows you to capture more sky and have longer exposures. You will also need an aperture of at least f/4 minimum speed.
  • A tripod. Any will work but the bigger/stronger the better.
  • A big memory card. Two 16-32 GB cards are preferable.
  • Batteries, batteries, batteries, I carry at least 2. Long exposures drain the battery quickly. Also consider bringing your charger as we may be able to ‘top off’ your batteries during breaks.
  • Camera Cable release or remote timer—Even a cheap knock off works, check reviews online before buying these brands to avoid disappointment in the field.  We will be doing exposures as short as 15 seconds and as long as 3 hours.
  • Dress warm. While we have planned this for early spring, there will be long periods of inactivity during exposures and it’s easy to get cold standing around outside.
  • Gloves
  • It’s early spring so mosquitoes shouldn’t be out, but if you think they are by then then insect repellant.
  • A head lamp, it does not have to be anything expensive, but preferably one that has a RED light option.  HomeDepot carries an ‘Energizer’ model for approximately $20 that works well (see link)
  • Tasty treats, snacks, food or anything you may like to eat or drink outside of the following: Water and soft drinks will be provided and, if we can come up with a grill, we will also cook some burgers and hot dogs.
  • Blanket (for low angle shots or relaxing in the grass during tutorials)
  • Lawn chair


PSA Travel Competition Round 2 Club Entries

*************Results Update*************

The results are in for PSA Travel Division Round #2. LVPC scored 60 points in this round!  Our total score for Round #1 and Round #2 is 117.  We are tied for 10th place in the standings of 19 participating clubs.   Thank you to our membership for continuing to support our entries in the PSA competition!

PSA Nature submissions for Round 3 are due to by April 3.

PSA Travel submissions for Round 3 are due to by May 1.

Light at Pemiquid Point - Bob-Becker – 11

Maine Fall 2015

Shooting Against Sunset – Buddy Eleazer – 10

Buddy Eleazer -Shooting sunset-

Red Sail – Gordon Yerry – 7

Gordon Yerry, Red Sail

Asian Children – Howard Sherer – 13

howard Sherer - Asian children

Guatamalan Girls – Jenny Bergstresser – 8

Jenny Bergstresser - Guatamalan girls

Villefranche sur Mer – Lee Levin-Friend – 11

Lee Levin-Friend -Villefranche sur Mer

Chris Geminski from Tiffen Filters – February 18, 2016 Speaker

The February meeting will take place on the 18th at 7 pm at the Banana Factory.  Discover the wide variety of products which the Tiffen Company manufactures for photographers and learn how to use them to enhance your images.  Products include optical filters, digital filters, camera bags, tripods and more!  Techniques, tips and tricks, and workflow will be covered with time for questions and answers.  Products will be on hand to view as well.

Presenter Background:

Chris Geminski has been involved in the photographic & imaging industry for 25 years.  His experience includes owning a imaging lab/camera store/portrait studio, production manager for a large format printing company, professional photographer and sales rep for Konica Minolta.  As a professional photographer in the exclusive Hamptons on Long Island, NY, Chris routinely photographed many high profile events in addition to portraits, weddings, sports and architecture.  His images have been featured in advertising, magazines and a television series intro.  He currently works for the Tiffen Company as a Technical Products Specialist.  He is also an avid wildlife and landscape photographer in his free time.


PSA Nature Competition Round 2 Club Entries

*************Results Update*************

The results are in for PSA Nature Division Round #2. LVPC scored 64 points in the round for a rank of 11th out of 34 clubs!  Our total score for Round #1 and Round #2 is 127.  We are tied for 10th place in the standings of  37 Class B clubs.   So, thank you to our membership for continuing to support  our entries in the PSA competition!

Round #3 images are due to by April 3.

Bad Day to be a Field Mouse – Buddy Eleazer – 12 - Honorable Mention

Bad day to be a field mouse

Eastern Phoebe Fledglings – Lee Levin-Friend – 9

Eastern phoebe fledglings

Fancy Footwork – Buddy Eleazer – 13

Fancy footwork

Katydid Nymph in Purple Cone Flower – Karen Campbell – 9

Katydid Nymph in purple cone flower

Skimmer for Dinner – Don Schroder – 12

Skimmer for Dinner

Osprey by Moonlight – Heather Rodburg – 9

Osprey by moonlight

Call for Entries: 2015-2016 PSA Travel Photography Contest

Call for Entries: 2015-2016 PSA Travel Photography Contest

This is our second year entering in the Photographic Society of America (PSA) Inter-Club competition. While the wording of the “Travel Definition” guidelines have changed slightly, the intent is much the same. If you are new to competition and want to start with a category that is a little less restrictive than the Nature category, this one may be for you!

The PSA Inter-Club competitions pit us against other PSA member clubs and are open to all paid LVPC members.  Lee Levin-Friend is serving as our PSA Club Rep & Competition Chairperson.

 LVPC Member Entry Due Dates

  • Travel Round 1:  Sunday, November 1, 2015
  • Travel Round 2:  Sunday, February 7, 2016
  • Travel Round 3:  Sunday, May 1, 2016

 PSA Travel Definition (Updated for 2015-2016)

A Photo Travel image expresses the characteristic features or culture of a land as they are found naturally. There are no geographical limitations. Images from events or activities arranged specifically for photography, or of subjects directed or hired for photography are not appropriate. Close up pictures of people or objects must include features that provide information about the environment. Techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted. The only allowable adjustments are removal of dust or digital noise, restoration of the appearance of the original scene, and complete conversion to greyscale monochrome. Other derivations, including infrared, are not permitted. All allowed adjustments must appear natural.

 Travel Entry Highlights

  • Submissions: Three travel images can be entered per round and should be e-mailed to by midnight on the Member Submissions Due date shown above. Please include “PSA Travel” or a similar wording in your subject line
  • Reprint permission: Entry assumes we have your permission to feature your photo with credit on our website, closed Facebook group, club e-mail messages or press releases. If you do not approve of one or more of these uses, notify us at the time of your entry. It also assumes that PSA scores awarded to your work can be shared with fellow club competitors and members
  • Format & size: JPG in sRGB color space. Maximum dimensions are 1024 pixels wide x 768 pixels high. Portrait-oriented images cannot exceed 768 pixels high.  File size should be 1.5 MB or less
  • Filenames: Should include your first and last name and unique descriptive title.
  • Portraits: Images of people which do not include sufficient environment are liable to be disqualified as not meeting the concept of “place” with “distinguishable environment.”
  • Post processing: Images which have been too “worked” or “processed” are liable to be disqualified or receive low scores as not “appearing natural”
  • Age of photo: Photos can be of any age. They do NOT need to have been taken in the past year.
  • Locations/Subjects: Don’t forget Pennsylvania’s special charms! “Travel” images need not be limited to far away or exotic locations; suitable local and regional attractions are welcome.

Additional Travel Entry Information


CLOSED – Photo Workshop at Grand Central Terminal led by Frank T. Smith – FEB 19

This workshop is now closed to additional sign-ups as all slots and standby spots has been filled.  Confirmation notices and details will be mailed out in the coming days.  Thanks for your interest in the workshop.

Photo Workshop at Grand Central Terminal led by Frank T. Smith

When:  February 19, 2016; 9:30 AM start time

Where:  Grand Central Station, New York


The Lehigh Valley Photography Club is excited to announce a new photo workshop at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal (also known as Grand Central Station).  We are extremely lucky to have Olympus Trailblazer Frank T. Smith, a Club Member who has also volunteered to lead this workshop.

Who May Attend: All members of the Lehigh Valley Photography Club in good standing (2016 dues paid) are eligible to submit an attendance request.  YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CLUB DUES PAID FOR 2016 TO PARTICIPATE. Membership info is located at this link:

This workshop will be limited to 15 participants and is on a first-come, first-serve basis. To be one of the lucky 15, please send a confirming email to: indicating your desire to participate. We will create a prioritized list based on email time stamp that will include the first 15, plus we will include 5 wait list slots.  Once your email is received, we will reply letting you know if you are accepted and/or on the waiting list.

PLEASE NOTE FOR THOSE 15 ACCEPTED: The cost of this workshop will be A NON-REFUNDABLE $20.00.  Payment details will be outlined in your confirmation email.


The tour will be curated by Danny Bruckner of Metro North Railroad and led by Frank Smith.  Frank has photographed Grand Central on numerous occasions working with Danny Bruckner.  Frank will work with participants to help them understand how he assesses shot potential, compositional options, lens choice, depth of field, shutter speeds, etc.  This is a workshop, so it’s focused on you learning technique from a master!

Skill Level Required to Participate: The workshop is for photographers at all skill levels.  Tips and teachings will help beginners, as well as advanced photographers.  Like most of our workshops, it’s important that you take the time to learn the basic functions of your camera before attending.  Shot situations during the trip will likely include:  aperture priority situations, shutter priority situations, manual exposure situations, a need to use exposure compensation, as well as use of cable release/remote and/or tripods.  You don’t have to be an expert in using all of the above, however, you will get the most benefit from the class if you at least know how to make these adjustments on your camera.

Yes, this workshop is about learning to shoot like a pro, but we will be putting you in the right spots to also capture great shots. The tour is scheduled to include: Shots in the Main Concourse, Vanderbilt Hall, the Oyster Bar Ramp, the ‘secret’ sub-basement M-42 and the Glass Catwalks above the Main Concourse.  In addition to these shoot locations, we are also working on gaining access to a few other spots rarely photographed by others, but we will keep this our surprise for now.  We expect the ‘active’ portion of this workshop to last approximately 4 hours.

Critical Logistics (when and where):  The workshop will begin promptly at 9:30 a.m. on February 19, 2016 at Grand Central Terminal in New York City.  We cannot wait for late arrivals. Transportation is not being provided.  You will need to make your own arrangements. Both Transbridge & Bieber buses go in to NY/NJ Transit Authority.  We will provide a confirmation list of attendees for those who may want to coordinate travel together and/or share a cab from the bus depot.

**Please be aware that this is a high-visibility public location remote from the Lehigh Valley.  The schedule is subject to last minute changes due to security concerns; weather and other factors could affect this plan.  We will endeavor to notify you in the case of any last-minute changes.

Health Restrictions:

  • The workshop may require you to stand for some fairly long periods of time
  • The workshop will require you to climb several flights of stairs
  • Some shots may require shooting from a very low angle (on your knees)
  • At times we may have very tight space inside elevators
  • The shoot is indoors; however, your trip to Grand Central Station will be in winter.  Be aware that we are not sure at this time if we will have the options of storing your outdoor winter coats.


Once more in summary:

Workshop Summary: Indoor Architectural Photography and Candid Cityscape Photography led by Frank Smith, Olympus Trailblazer at Grand Central Terminal in New York City

How to sign up: Send an email to: with subject line: Grand Central Participant Application 

Number of participants: Maximum or 15

Photography Skill Level Required: Beginner to advanced

Cost: $20 per participant plus you must have paid your 2016 LV Photography Club dues

Time/Date of Workshop:  9:30 AM, February 19, 2016

Meet-up Location:  We will meet at the large clock in the middle of Grand Central Terminal

What to bring:

  • Camera equipment: DSLR or mirrorless camera bodies
  • Recommended lenses: wide angle and medium range lenses
  • Supplies: tripod, cable release


About the Workshop Leader:

Olympus Trailblazer Frank Smith is a self-taught photographer whose love for the craft goes back to a very early age. Decades later, Frank’s passion for photography has yet to fade and he continues to perfect his skills.

As an philanthropic photojournalist, Frank’s raw travel covers global themes, shedding light on cultural issues including regional corruption in areas including South Sudan, Haiti and Mumbai. Frank has traveled to many parts of the world with a focus on people, landscape and cultures-  telling a story through his photographs.  A large focus for Frank has been India. For the past decade he has traveled to all 4 corners of India.  Additional raw travel includes Atacama, Southwest US, Cuba, Mongolia, Bhutan & Iceland.

A native Northeasterner, Frank often focuses his lens on regional and local scenery in Pennsylvania. Frank’s work has been featured in print, exhibits, and in philanthropic awareness campaigns.

Frank inspires others through his workshops, classes and mentoring. His goal is to help others see the un-obvious and to instill the desire for creativity.