Your Photography is Music to Our Eyes. Now Let’s Have Our Ears Join In!

For our February Regular Meeting, we thought we’d give our members a chance to share some photography.  The meeting is going to be a series of photo presentations, each put to music the photographer felt was appropriate for the works.  Sometimes seeing is easier than explaining, so here are two examples of what we are suggesting:

Ed Vatza’s “Streets of New York”

Buddy Eleazer’s “The Bird is the Word”

As you can see, there are a lot of directions one could take their show from fun, to serious and from random images to a focused portfolio overview. The choice is up to you, the artist.

You are welcome to put together your own show in an executable output form; however, we know many do not have the software needed, so we’re open to helping.  If you are interested in entering a presentation, reply to our contest e-mail address at: with your name and the working title of your show (we realize you may wish to refine the title later).  If you wish us to compose your presentation, state this in the email. We will then forward to you a link to a ‘DropBox’ for uploading.  Simply put your sized images and mp3 format music in a folder and upload this to the DropBox.  We will notify you when a draft is completed.


  • Number of Images: Maximum of 50 jpeg images including title slide and credits slide
  • Image Resolution: 800 pixels on the shortest side (recommend this as the height dimension) at 92 pixels/inch.
  • Music: Maximum track length: 4 minutes, mp3 format
  • Credit Slide at the end of show must note copyright information (music artist) unless your original work as well as recognize the photographer’s copyright.

It takes a little time to put these presentations together, so we urge you to move quickly to gather your images and submit as soon as possible.

Love is in the Air Still Life Shoot – Sat Feb 16

Love is in the Air Still Life Shoot
Visual Classroom at the Banana Factory, Bethlehem, PA
Setup at 8:30 a.m., Shooting from 9-11 a.m.

Our February Photo Shoot will be our Love is in the Air Still Life Shoot.  It will be held on Saturday, February 16th in the Visual Classroom at the Banana Factory.  We will begin setting up at 8:30 a.m.  We will take pictures from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.  We will use the last half hour to break everything down and put the classroom back to the way we found it.  This photo shoot is always lots of fun because everyone brings items to photograph.  Members also share studio lights and other photography equipment that newer members
might like to try before buying.  Members are always willing to share their knowledge and creativity.  It always helps for us to have tablecloths, lights, baskets, things we can use to make displays of varying heights, and of course items to photograph based on our theme.  Please add to my list if you think of anything I have missed.


Reminder: 2013 Membership Dues

Club membership now runs from January 1st thru December 31st.  To join or renew your membership, you may utilize one of the following options:

  • Payment by check or money order payable to “Lehigh Valley Photography Club”.  This may be done at our regular meetings or by mail.  For new memberships or mail-in payment, please fill out the membership application to include with your payment.  The mailing address is listed on the application.  If renewing your membership at a club meeting, be sure to provide any updated information (address, email, etc.).
  • Pay via PayPal on the website here:


Artist Discussion & Portfolio Sharing – Sun Feb 10

As Theo Anderson mentioned at our January club meeting, PHOTOGRAPHY: PERSPECTIVES & PERCEPTIONS, an Artist Discussion and Portfolio Sharing will take place on Sunday February 10th at 2pm at The Gallery at the State Theatre in Easton, PA.  The cost is $10 to participate (proceeds benefiting the building fund of The State Theatre for the Arts) and free for non-participants to attend the discussion/view the work.


For more details and how to participate, visit the website: