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We all have a particular FOCUS in our photography,
and no matter the subject, 
we are passionate
 about it!
The FOCUS Exhibition is your opportunity to display that passion
with your printed work at the Allentown Art Museum.

2024 FOCUS Exhibition at the Allentown Art Museum

Lehigh Valley Photography Club proudly hosts
the 7th annual juried exhibition of members' photography in the Community Gallery at the Allentown Art Museum.  The FOCUS Exhibition will open April 7 with a virtual reception to ensure the health and safety of all who visit the exhibit.  The exhibit will run through May 5 during museum hours. 

The club wants to encourage and support the breath of the photography pursued by its members, so this year’s exhibit includes the following judging categories:

1. Nature – wildlife only (hand of man permitted, subtle textures and filters permitted).
2. Floral - includes flowers and plants (subtle textures and filters permitted).
3. Travel - includes culture, street, sense of place/location (subtle textures and filters permitted).
4. Landscape - includes trees, mountainscapes, seascapes (hand of man permitted, subtle textures and filters permitted, composites not permitted, no sky replacements).
5. People - includes portraits, candids, models, kids (subtle textures and filters permitted).
6. Man-made - includes cities, buildings, cars, interiors (subtle textures and filters permitted).
7. Abstract – includes multiple exposures, Intentional Camera Movement (ICM), images that stray from reality, line, form and color (subtle or strong textures and filters permitted).
8. Open - includes digital art, still life, any subject heavily enhanced (subtle or strong textures and filters permitted).

AI sharpening and noise reduction are permitted in all categories. Select committee can modify categories in order to best fit images. Select committee can move images to categories they feel best fits.

Awards, provided by our show sponsors, will be presented to the winning artists.

So send us your best shots! We look forward to seeing your images and joining us for the FOCUS exhibition reception. Review the detailed information about submission criteria, judging, printing and framing, and drop-off below.


Submission Criteria

  • Must be a Lehigh Valley Photography Club member in good standing at the time of entry and the exhibit
  • Each member may submit up to five image uploads with entry fee
  • Digital editing and manipulation are allowed, however the final product must originate from your own photographic image
  • There is no theme for this exhibit (tasteful nudity is allowed)
  • Images that have exhibited in previous LVPC exhibitions are not allowed

Image Entry

  • Entry deadline is the End Of Day Sunday, February 11, 2024.
  • The entry fee is $25
  • Images must be correctly sized, named, and uploaded for consideration. For full details go to the 2024 FOCUS Image Submission posting on the Event Calendar.

Judging Categories

  • Best in Show
  • Nature (includes trees, wildlife)
  • Floral (includes flowers)
  • Travel (includes culture, street)
  • Landscape (includes seascapes)
  • People (includes portraits, candids, models, kids)
  • Man-made (includes cities, buildings, cars, interiors)
  • Abstract (includes multiple exposures, ICM, images that stray from reality, line, form and color)
  • Open (includes abstracts, digital art, still life)

Category Selection

  • You may submit to more than one category.
  • You may submit a single image to more than one category. Each of those submissions will count as an upload. For example, if you submit one image to three categories, that counts as three of your five uploads. The judging committee will determine the most appropriate category for the image (assuming it is selected).

Criteria for Selection and Judging

Six factors will be considered in reviewing images:

  • Conforms to Category
  • Originality
  • Technical Excellence
  • Composition
  • Artistic Merit
  • Overall Impact

Image Selection and Notification

  • Images will be down-selected for the exhibit by a member-only committee
  • Members will be notified the week of February 26 regarding acceptance and will receive necessary forms with further details
  • Up to 80 images will be selected


  • Exhibition photographs will be judged by a group of non-member photographers
  • Judges will select the “Best of” for each category noted above, as well as “Best of Show”


Printed Image Size Specifications

  • Minimum of 80 sq. in. (e.g. 8” x 10”)
  • Maximum of 384 sq. in. (e.g. 16” x 24”)
  • Images will be disqualified if undersized or oversized
  • Printed image size does not include mat and frame (see below)

Framing Requirements

  • Paper prints only (canvas, metal, acrylic prints will NOT be accepted)
  • Mats must be at least 4-ply thick, white or ivory only. Color is allowed in the mat core or inside reveal of double mats, but not as the outside mat color
  • Minimum 2" wide mat on all sides is recommended and no more than 6”
  • Black metal or black wood frame. Frame design is your choice
  • Images will be disqualified if requirements are not met. Damaged frames, cracked or broken glass or poorly cut mats, etc. will not be shown unless corrected and resubmitted before the public opening

Delivery and Pickup of Art

  • Location: Allentown Art Museum
  • Artwork Drop off: Thursday, April 4, 2024
  • Artwork Pick Up: Sunday, May 5, 2024

Additional details will be provided to successful applicants.