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Ogunquit ME
By Unknown
Posted: 2021-05-29T17:26:00Z


It was 1991 and we were all set to take a group bus tour to Dresden, Ohio to the Longaberger basket factory. Remember them? Well….. the trip was canceled due to lack of bookings. So now what do we do with the time allotted for a mini vacation?

Where can we go within driving distance from Eastern Pennsylvania for a long weekend? I know, we have never been to Maine! And besides my wife’s co-worker recommended a lovely bed and breakfast in the southern Maine town of Ogunquit. O-Gun What? Never heard of it.

Little did we know at the time that this would be the start of a 30-year love affair with the Beautiful Place by the Sea. Since 1991 we have been able to travel north to Ogunquit nearly every year and most often Stay at the Lovely Yardarm Village Inn with what had now become dear friends, Scott and Bev Drury.  Unfortunately, they sold the B&B and are no longer there.

Ogunquit is famous for the breathtakingly beautiful walk along coastal Maine called Marginal Way. This scenic path is one and a quarter mile long and has 39 benches to relax and take in the ocean view.

Perkins Cove is also a quaint fishing cove with great restaurants, interesting shops and fabulous ocean views.  The Perkins Cove Drawbridge, a wooden footbridge, is a local landmark that provides an excellent view of the cove.

Captain Scott Drury of the Yardarm Village Inn, navigates his sailboat “GOOSE” through the channel of Perkins Cove and back again after an enjoyable sail along the Maine coast.

Ogunquit Beach is a BIG draw in the summer months, but is especially beautiful for those energetic soles that rise before the sun. 

Norsman Resort on the Beach at sunrise.

And of course, Fall in Maine is a big attraction. 
This Church is dressed in full Fall colors just up the road on Route 1 in Wells, Maine.

WINTER is a season many tourists do not see at the” Beautiful Place by the Sea”.
However, it has an incredible beauty especially during an exceptionally cold winter when the sea foam on the beach freezes into artistic patterns.

Always the most difficult time is when it is time to say Goodbye to the “Beautiful Place by the Sea”.

These Beautiful images are available as Prints and Wall Art. 
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