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PSA Nature Competition Round 3 Club Entries

*******************Results Update********************************************************************

Here are the club results for the PSA Nature Competition.   Our total Score for Round #3 = 70, which was 3rd place overall out of 36 clubs.  LVPC’s Final Standings for all 3 rounds was 6th Place (out of 38 clubs).  The scores for individual images are listed below.  The highest score for any image is 15.

What a great showing for our club.  We are fortunate to have members with so much talent!  Congratulations LVPC.

Sacred Ibis Feeding – Buddy Eleazer – Score 12


Hunting Leopard – Larry Bardawil – Score 13 – Honorable Mention

Hunting Leopard

Gull Chasing Baby Black Skimmer – Don Schroder – Score 13 – Honorable Mention

Gull Chasing Baby Black Skimmer

Fox at Water’s Edge – Don Schroder – Score 11

fox at Water's Edge

Dinnertime in the Bush – Buddy Eleazer – Score 9

Dinnertime in the bush

Cardinal Braving the Blizzard – Lee Levin-Friend – Score 12

cardinal braving the blizzard


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