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UPLOAD for Competitions

This is the page to upload your images for the Lehigh Valley Photography Club PSA Competitions. MEMBERS ONLY.


Current Open Competitions


PID Round 3

Deadline, 11:30 pm February 22, 2019

Upload files


Detailed PID Guidelines here

NOTICE: We are having occasional unexpected behavior with the website. If you receive an ERROR message after trying to upload, please email your images to

Summary of File Requirements – refer to submission details for the competition for detailed requirements

  • Up to three images per member per competition per round
  • Format & size: JPG only with sRGB color space. Resize your horizontal images to 1024 pixels wide and your vertical images to 768 pixels high. Do not exceed 1.7 MB in file size.
  • File Name: FirstName_LastName_ImageTitle
  • No watermarks (if watermarked, the image will be skipped over)

Upload Instructions

To browse for your images, start by depressing the Select File button. Your browser will open. Select the file(s) you want to upload and select Open in your browser (one at a time or use the control/ command button to select multiple). Fill in any required fields and then depress the Upload File button.

To drag and drop, simply select your desired file(s) and drag over the file upload area. A Drop Here box will appear as you hover over the area. Drop. Select Open in your browser. Fill in any required fields and then depress the Upload File button.

Look for the message under the status bar to confirm that your files were uploaded successfully.  If you receive a message the file(s) were not uploaded, your file(s) may be too large or you may have tried to upload an image more than once. If you encounter any problems, please send an email to and include UPLOAD COMMENT in the subject.